B & B Brokers uses a stringent selection procedure to hand-pick carriers.

Our Process

First, we qualify and continuously verify our carriers, their insurance, their authority and track record. We work with both single and team drivers, who are to report to USA Truck Brokers every morning. Next, we secure the right equipment based on the needs the client communicates. Selection of the right carrier is critical to the success of every load. Once all information for a load has been properly verified, we then communicate directly with the driver, our client, and dispatch on the progress of the overall journey. Finally, we confirm the safe and accurate delivery of the load and follow-up with each client to make sure the highest level of satisfaction has been achieved. Carriers are guaranteed payment within 30 days of receiving proper paperwork, with the option of 2% quick pay within 5 days.

Our Requirements

To meet our standard of excellence, all carriers must meet the following criteria:


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